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Accepted into an international film festival!!

Updated: Apr 14

Our film "Odd One Out" got accepted into Sharjah International film festival 2022! This was a great to shock to me and the other creators of the short film.

The film festival takes place in Sharjah from October the 9th to October the 16h. I will be attending this event and will make sure to document the experience with another blog.

The reason this was a big shock to us was because we didn't actually enter it into the festival!

One of the creators entered it into INTO FILMS best short film of the month, which it won for April 2021. This was a great achievement and we were all very happy about it, not known to us INTO FILM entered it into Sharjah International film festival!

This is a pleasant surprise and I'm excited to update you all with how the film festival experience is!


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